Wednesday, August 1, 2012

JEC Boys Building Bleachers

It has been so neat to watch the high school boys at Jóvenes en Camino these past few weeks.  The director, Ronald, informed them that by helping us build bleachers on the basketball court, they'd be earning their chance to go to the annual church camp at the Baxter Institute, called 'El Encuentro'.  (We plan to raise the money for the entry fees for all those who have helped.) 
Some of you may remember this post we wrote after last year's camp.  Well, the majority of the boys in high school this year were able to attend 'El Encuentro' last year, so they remember how fun it was.  And the rest have heard how fun it was.  So every spare moment, the boys have been out there working on the bleachers: mixing concrete, laying cement block, and putting the finishing touches on this great project. 

We love that not only are they earning their chance to go to church camp this year, they've also constructed some beautiful, useful seats for all the fans of the many basketball, volleyball, and fútbol games to come!