Friday, April 22, 2011

Picture Honduras

One way the city celebrated Good Friday was to decorate the downtown streets with these colorful, sawdust "carpets." It was so beautiful!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great Days

I count it a 'great day' when something occurs that makes me smile/laugh so much my cheeks hurt. Well, I'm pleased to say that both yesterday and today were great days! Tonight Bart and I returned from our weekly stay at Jovenes en Camino, and here's what we enjoyed:

Yesterday, there was a 'birthday party for everyone.' Thanks to a donation from the States, all the boys and employees got to eat Church's Chicken, birthday cake, and - of course - got to celebrate with 3 different piñatas. A few minutes after the youngest boys started wailing away on their Sponge Bob piñata, the rope holding the piñata broke, landing the piñata on the ground. And the boys, without a moment of hesitation, pounced on Sponge Bob (and each other) and ripped him apart with their hands in order to grab as much candy as possible (pictured above)! The adults around the action proceeded to drag the boys away from dog pile (pictured below), but - I must be honest - Bart & I just stood there laughing and pointing...It was such a perfect moment...I'm smiling just thinking about it.  

Then today...

This afternoon, we had the privilege to attend the youngest boys' soccer game (to which we had been invited 3 separate times by the same boy yesterday!). It was the first time we had seen the team in such 'official' uniforms, and they were psyched to be playing on a nice field against a team from a bilingual school in the area. When we arrived at the field, it was impossible for us to ignore how, um...perfectly...the uniforms fit them. Especially the littlest ones! Their little ankles didn't even fill out the socks. When they came off the field, it was hard for me to give them a high-five instead of a huge hug. 
Again, I can't stop smiling.


Monday, April 4, 2011

fun with family!

Last week was a great one! Four precious family members made the long trip from Colorado to Honduras to join us in our work. We are so thankful that Matt, Betsy, Josiah & Drew were able to spend a few jam-packed days of service and sight-seeing with us. Here are a few of the ways we stayed busy:

tie-dying t-shirts with 60 kids at Jovenes en Camino...

repairing a burned kitchen for a church member in Mateo...

(along the way, earning a couple 'handyman badges' for Boy Scouts...)

enjoying some quality sibling-time...

and taking advantage of every spare moment to enjoy
the beauty of Honduras.

Thanks, guys, for making the effort to come down & be a help and encouragement to us! We love you!