Saturday, November 26, 2011


This was our second time to host a Thanksgiving meal in Honduras, and I must say it was definitely easier this time around!  We, again, decided that our guests would be Baxter students, which meant that several countries were represented this year: Cuba, Peru and Honduras.  While Bart and I have always been intrigued by international people, after living here, I think we're moving beyond intrigue to commitment.  
When moving here, we knew we would feel committed to the people of Honduras, but I think 2 things have broadened that commitment to all international people.  First, we are international people as we live here in Tegucigalpa.  We are the aliens in a foreign land, and we now know what it's like to try to adjust and adapt to a new culture, to want to share your own culture with others, and to wonder where "home" really is.  So we also understand how meaningful it is when others are patient with us, when they openly extend their lives to us, when they make us feel part of their 'family.'  
Second, through the travel to several other countries that God has allowed us to enjoy this year, and through all the nations that are brought to us (through the Baxter students), we have come to appreciate the varied food, music, architecture, terrain, traditions, people and personalities of many unique countries.  And while no nation is perfect, I believe there is something we can learn from people in every single corner of the world.
So, this year we are truly thankful...For the welcoming spirit of our host countries, for the opportunity to experience new aspects of God through the world's cultures, and for our newfound commitment to serve the 'stranger'...which we hope will be lifelong mission, no matter where we live.