Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Loving to Learn

"When we learn from someone, it is one of the great honors we bestow on them."
-Duane Elmer
Cross-Cultural Servanthood

With two church groups in town last week, Bart and I decided to try a little experiment: to ask the Baxter students to teach the North Americans some Spanish using the Bible and simple conversation.  As far as we can tell, it was a success, not only because it gave the groups some one-on-one Spanish practice, but also because - apparently - everyone really enjoyed getting to know one another better.  
It's easy for the two of us to see how integral this act of learning is while doing mission work (because of how much the Latin people here have taught us), so it only seemed natural to try to involve some of our North American friends in some intentional learning activities.  We want to thank the Baxter students for their willingness to be 'teachers' for the night.  And I'd also like to thank the North MacArthur Church of Christ and the Memorial Road Church of Christ for being enthusiastic participants in "La Noche de EspaƱol!"